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Bespoke Design Service

Shrih Trading Co Pvt Ltd with the strength of our Design team offer a full design & development service from drawings to a finished product. Our bespoke design service is a compelling personal journey, fuelled by unlimited imagination and unrivalled craftsmanship.

Bespoke Jewellery


We currently help a number of fledgling businesses by custom designing Jewellery for them as per their local Market demands, that are themselves developing new or niche products and ideas. 

The production of bespoke jewellery is a skilful craft and if you have requirements for either Brass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel or Silver, then please feel free to contact us.

Custom Made Handicrafts

We are producing Gift wares, Crystal wares, Hotel wares, Table wares, Wedding Décor, Stylish Home Décor, Home Furnishing,

Bar Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, Candle & Electric Lighting, Furniture and Functional Accessories.

 We can specially custom manufacture for you any of the hand crafted handicraft items in custom colors and customized designs. 

Custom Design Rugs Carpets

We can work with individual clients, customizing carpet tiles, broadloom carpets and rugs, enabling them to create specific colours, dimensions and co-create custom made carpet designs. We offer the same service for our luxurious Silk, Nylon, Wool and other woven carpets.

Custom Made Planters

Bespoke manufacture may be as simple as tailoring an existing design, or as complex as designing a product from scratch to realise the client’s vision. Most commonly we are commissioned to manufacture bespoke products against a detailed specification and brief; but we are also often asked to work with the designer/architect to refine, develop, or value-engineer general design concepts into practical, cost-effective solutions.

Shrih trading Co Pvt Ltd bespoke manufacture service is not limited to garden planters, and extends to other items of street furniture (such as custom made chairs, benches, garden accessories etc.), in addition to sculpture. Bespoke products can be made to whatever specification level the brief requires – whether for protected interiors, or for the most challenging of exterior spaces.




 Products From Drawings





We have full time designers in our office ready to chat and draw up any product plans or designs you send us. Call +91 9768051170 or Email